La Maddalena di Montefiore (detail) – Carlo Crivelli 1470

VitroScreen’s team has more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetic industry.

The MECHANISM BASED PROTOCOLS developed by VitroScreen focus on the identification of biologically relevant and predictive gene and protein signatures for a wide type of skin targets. Taking into account the dynamic of the biological pathway, they better mimic the in vivo skin response.
These models represent an unique approach to discover the molecular mechanism underlying ingredients and products efficacy at skin level.

VitroScreen has a tissue reconstruction platform offering innovative and unique tools for efficacy screening and objectivation by testing on:

– 3D specialized human tissues to maximize skin response

– 3D colonised human tissues  to better answer dermatocosmetology needs

– Scaffold free human Micro-tissues for active’s screening on dermis, adipe and endothelia


VitroScreen runs a safety screening based on the Multiple Endpoint Approach (MEA) to provide customers with a more ethical, robust and predictive tool  to assess product safety before testing on human volunteers.

The team has tested more than 500 products to confirm the relevance of MEA as a robust screening tool to achieve a predictive safety assessment of finished products, in compliance with the new European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009.