November 2019, Skin Microbiome Congress

VitroScreen is event partner and will present a lecture entitled:

Pre-clinical models to explore host-microbiota interaction for next generation personal care products development

The presentation will give insights on how to:

• Identify the role of bacteria representative of microbiota community supported by robust clinical findings
• Understand mechanisms by which bacteria play a protective, rebalancing, detrimental role according to skin conditions (healthy, compromized, exposed to UV light)
• Use reproducible experimental designs to provide mechanism-based evidences of product efficacy


VitroScreen celebrates 10 years expertise investigating host-bacteria interaction

September 2019, IFSCC CONFERENCE

VitroScreen at the 25th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Conference with:

A lecture entitled:

“New insights on skin responses to UV: the contribution of skin associated microbiome” presented by Marisa Meloni on October the 1st

2 Posters:

– 3D scaffold free micro-dermis model: an innovative tool to explore dermal matrix remodeling

– New insights on the role of adipose tissue by using 3D scaffold free organoids                                                   that has been selected for a short oral communication (October the 2nd)


Milan, Italy, June 10th-15th 2019

VitroScreen is actively partecipating to the 24th World Congress of Dermatology and presenting the following e-Posters:

890 Epidermal in vitro model with impaired barrier function to assess skin irritation potential
893 Modelling atopic dermatitis in vitro: involvement of the microbiota, immune cells and keratinocytes in a 3D tissue
899 A regressive 3D scaffold free micro hair follicle (µHF) model to test peptide mimetics of FGF18
917 Assessment of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) biofilm dynamics on in vitro model of wounds
918 Colonized human reconstructed epidermis as a suitable model to identify new anti-microbial activities
920 Development of in vitro Recurrent Aphtous Stomatitis (RAS) immuno-competent model
1228 Inflammaging: inflammasome activation on skin equivalent


May 2019, SFBMEC.FR Meeting

Reims, France, May 15th-17th 2019 – Annual Meeting of the French Society for Extracellular Matrix Biology

On May 16th VitroScreen will contribute with a lecture entitled:  “Application of a microdermis model to study matrix remodeling” presented by Marisa Meloni. The presentation will address the effects of  growth factors and antioxidant ingredients on ECM matrix expression and deposition in a new organoid model developped by VitroScreen.

April 2019, In-cosmetics global

Paris, 2-4th April 2019 – In Cosmetics global

VitroScreen will present its research and testing platform

Marisa Meloni, CEO, has been invited to contribute to the seminar:

The skin microbiome – the known and unknown in product development

Wednesday 3rd April 2019, from 14:00 to 17:30

The Program is available at:

March 2018, 58th Annual Meeting Society of Toxicology

Baltimore, USA, March 10-14th 2019 –Annual Meeting SOT

VitroScreen will contribute to the world biggest toxicology conference  with three posters  presented by Marisa Meloni.

Development and validation of a RHE model with impaired barrier function to assess Class IIb MD biocompatibility

Poster board: P384

Drug permeation assessment through reconstructed vaginal epithelium: the case of Econazole

Poster board: P495

Human reconstructed mucosal models to assess drug permeation

Poster board: P496

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    January 2018, XXIXèmes Journées Européennes de Dermocosmétologie

January 2018, XXIXèmes Journées Européennes de Dermocosmétologie

Lyon, France, January 31st – February 1st 2019 – 29th European Dermocosmetology Days

“Intercellular exchanges in cutaneous tissues: which prospects for fragile skins in dermocosmetology?”

VitroScreen will contribute on January 31st with a lecture entitled:  “Implication of an immune component in studying skin response to stress in vitro” presented  by Marisa Meloni, CEO, based on VitroScreen expertise on Immuno-Competent RHE models.

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    December 2018, 9° Edition of the Journées Jean-Paul Marty: Peau & Phanères du monde

December 2018, 9° Edition of the Journées Jean-Paul Marty: Peau & Phanères du monde

Paris, 4-5 December 2018 – Journées Jean-Paul Marty

The Journées Jean-Paul Marty are organized by the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC).

VitroScreen will contribute to the scientific program with a presentation entitled:

A forced involution 3D scaffold free micro hair follicle (µHF) model to test FGF18 peptide mimetics

presented by Elisa Caviola PhD, VitroScreen Research Scientist.

Immunodetection by confocal microscopy of Collagen IV (green), Vimentin (red) and cell nuclei (blu) in micro-Dermal Papilla (µDP) section.


November 2018, 3° Skin Microbiome Congress

London,  14-15 November 2018 –3° Skin Microbiome Congress

VitroScreen will contribute to the Congress scientific program with two lectures:
– Approaching the microbiome from the skin side, presented by Marisa Meloni, CEO

– In vitro Immunocompetent Atopic Dermatitis model, presented by Silvia Balzaretti, Microbiome Research Leader

Follow the event at:

November 2018, ERGECD meeting

Darmstadt, Germany, 7-9 November 2018 – 28th Meeting of the ERGECD (European Research Group on Experimental Contact Dermatitis)

VitroScreen will attend the event and Jennifer Bourland, research scientist, will contribute with a presentation based on VitroScreen expertise on co-cultured reconstructed tissue models, entitled:

Immunocompetent reconstructed epidermis: Application to sensitization and atopic dermatitis

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