Since the 1st September 2013 biocides are governed by the new Regulation 528/2012/EU concerning the commercialization and the use of biocidal products. The Annex IV of the Biocide Products Regulation (BPR) sets out rules for adaptation of the data requirements presented in Annex II and III for active substances and biocidal products, respectively. The requirements, in fact, can be omitted in case of availability of data obtained with validated and documented alternative methods.

This is the case for results obtained using ‘suitable’ in vitro methods, which ‘may indicate the presence of a given dangerous property or may be important in relation to a mechanistic understanding, which may be important for the assessment’.

VitroScreen proposes an innovative approach for the assessment of biocides that uses human 3D colonized models: compared to standard microbiological tests colonized human 3D tissues models allow to study biocidal activity in a biological environment closer to the in vivo situation.