Events 2015

8-9/12/2015, Journèes Jean-Paul Marty

Paris, 8-9 December 2015 – Journèes Jean-Paul Marty: Skin and Micro-organisms

The Journées Jean-Paul Marty are organized by the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC). This year the meeting addressed the scientific advance and innovation introduced on the theme of Skin & Micro-organisms.

Dr Marisa Meloni, VitroScreen CEO, contributed with a lecture on S. Aureus biofilm on in vitro reconstructed human epidermis to highlight the relevance of the biofilm model recently developed by VitroScreen and its relevant application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical sciences.

VitroScreen also presented a poster entitled: Modeling Atopic Dermatitis in Reconstituted Human Epidermis.

French Research Tax Credit (CIR) agreement

Paris, Septembre 2015

VitroScreen est agréé au titre du Crédit Impôt Recherche et du Crédit Impôt Innovation Français

En Septembre 2015 la Ministre de l’Education nationale de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche a accordé à VitroScreen l’agrément au titre du Crédit Impôt Recherche et du Crédit Impôt Innovation pour les années 2015, 2016 et 2017.

Cet agrément du crédit Impôt Recherche potentialise les partenariats déjà existants avec les sociétés de l’industrie cosmétique, dermo-cosmétique, pharmacie et agroalimentaire françaises. Il offre la possibilité à toutes les entreprises d’externaliser des projets de R&D et atteindre des objectifs plus ambitieux.

Cet agrément est la preuve que VitroScreen à travers sa platforme d’évaluation in vitro contribue au succès de recherche de ses partenaires et à l’innovation produit de ses clients.

19-05-2015 CellTox/IZSLER seminar on hepatotoxicity

Brescia, 19 May 2015 – CellTox/IZSLER seminar on hepatotoxicity

VitroScreen partecipated to the Seminar entitled ‘MOdels ON liver’, organized by the Italian Scientific Society CellTOX in collaboration with the ‘Instituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dalla Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna (IZSLER)’. The workshop report is presented in Altex 32(3), 2015.

Barbara De Servi, VitroScreen’s senior researcher, gave a presentation entitled: “3D co-coltures: characterization and applications of the microliver model”. The biological relevance of the 3D microliver model was described and its usefulness  in pre-clinical studies and drug discovery was presented. The toxicity of food ingredients, their mechanism of action and antioxidant activity as well as the hepatotoxicity of chemicals, pesticides and newly developed materials can also be assessed using the microliver model.

27/29-05-2015 GIQAR

Naples, 27/29 May 2015 – XXIV National Congress GIQAR

VitroScreen has partecipated to the Workshop entitled ‘La qualità e le GXP: l’asticella si sposta sempre più in alto’.

Euridice Santirocco, VitroScreen’s QA, presented a poster entitled: “Evaluation of the biocompatibility of medical devices for topical use: cytotoxicity and irritation potential”.

14/16-04-2015 IN-COSMETICS

Barcelona, 14/16 April 2015 – In-cosmetics 2015

Marisa Meloni, VitroScreen CEO, partecipated to the round table organized by CED (Lyon) and entitled ‘Latest advancements of in vitro evaluation of cosmetics – from regulatory compliance of ingredients to finish products claims’.

The round table was focus on:

– Alternative methods for assessing the sensitisation potential of raw materials

– Latest innovations in in vitro models: cell cultures, reconstructed skin tissues, 3D printed skin, …

– What in vitro tests can be used to support innovation and substantiate product claims?

13/14-01-2015 COSMETAGORA

Paris, Espace Champerret, 13/14-01-2015 – 7ème édition Cosmetagora

At VitroScreen booth the following topics have been discussed with R&D managers and young researchers:

– Regulatory toxicology in GLP

– Ingredient and product’s efficacy for beauty claims

– Colonized 3D human tissue models

VitroScreen has been recognized for:

– Leading edge expertise for in vitro science

– Its quality-oriented approach to research studies

– Its flexibility and opening to innovation challanges