Events 2019

May 2019, SFBMEC.FR Meeting

Reims, France, May 15th-17th 2019 – Annual Meeting of the French Society for Extracellular Matrix Biology

On May 16th VitroScreen will contribute with a lecture entitled:  “Application of a microdermis model to study matrix remodeling” presented by Marisa Meloni. The presentation will address the effects of  growth factors and antioxidant ingredients on ECM matrix expression and deposition in a new organoid model developped by VitroScreen.

April 2019, In-cosmetics global

Paris, 2-4th April 2019 – In Cosmetics global

VitroScreen will present its research and testing platform

Marisa Meloni, CEO, has been invited to contribute to the seminar:

The skin microbiome – the known and unknown in product development

Wednesday 3rd April 2019, from 14:00 to 17:30

The Program is available at:

March 2018, 58th Annual Meeting Society of Toxicology

Baltimore, USA, March 10-14th 2019 –Annual Meeting SOT

VitroScreen will contribute to the world biggest toxicology conference  with three posters  presented by Marisa Meloni.

Development and validation of a RHE model with impaired barrier function to assess Class IIb MD biocompatibility

Poster board: P384

Drug permeation assessment through reconstructed vaginal epithelium: the case of Econazole

Poster board: P495

Human reconstructed mucosal models to assess drug permeation

Poster board: P496

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    January 2018, XXIXèmes Journées Européennes de Dermocosmétologie

January 2018, XXIXèmes Journées Européennes de Dermocosmétologie

Lyon, France, January 31st – February 1st 2019 – 29th European Dermocosmetology Days

“Intercellular exchanges in cutaneous tissues: which prospects for fragile skins in dermocosmetology?”

VitroScreen will contribute on January 31st with a lecture entitled:  “Implication of an immune component in studying skin response to stress in vitro” presented  by Marisa Meloni, CEO, based on VitroScreen expertise on Immuno-Competent RHE models.