Le fils de l’homme – R. Magritte 1964

The “mechanism based protocols” identifies the mechanism of action of ingredients and mixture : considering the regulatory framework this represents the main goal in developing new products.

The models developed by VitroScreen represent a unique tool to generate scientific and quantitative data and to investigate the mode of action of botanicals and food ingredients to maintain the homeostasis and reduce risk factors.

This preliminary mechanistic understanding of how food acts at the target organ in presence of suitable negative and positive controls can help designing the proper clinical investigations and substantiating patent applications.

By applying our technology platform to intestinal models and 3D scaffold-free micro tissues technology (3D µ-cartilage, µ-adipe, µ-bone, µ-liver, µ-dermis) the followng testing options are proposed:

  • Passive and mediated intestinal passage
  • Toxicity and barrier properties modifications
  • Efficacy of the intestinal barrier against bacterial invasion
  • Immuno-competent gut model and probiotics mechanism
  • Intolerance and inflammation models
  • Epatotoxicity after acute and longterm exposure (2 weeks)
  • Mechanism of action: risk based factors to support specific claims