Salus ante omnia – Farmacia Meloni 1907

VitroScreen proposes to the pharmaceutical industry innovative and robust standard and customized experimental in vitro models suitable to study active molecules  and formulations during drug discovery (medium throughput screening), R&D needs, pre-clinical and efficacy studies.

The models are developed by coupling our technology platform to the expertise in the use of 3D human reconstructed tissue models in the following therapeutical areas:

  • Dermatology: epidermis, colonized epidermis, co-culture with immuno-competent cells and full thickness skin: to assess barrier properties, wound healing, inflammation, acne lesions, immunoresponse, biofilm formation and destruction, atrophy, filler model.
  • Photo-dermatology: phototoxicity, photo-immunoprotection, UV activation, DNA damage and repair, oxydative stress, photo-sensitization.
  • Ophthalmology: corneal epithelium: dry eye, inflammation, UV protection, hyperosmolarity, barrier and microvilli network  disruption, eye compatibility after acute and  long term exposure.
  • Orthopedy: the  micro-cartilage model developed in our laboratory is suitable  to assess the efficacy of food supplements or the biocompatibility intrarticular devices.
  • Respiratory: nasal and bronchial models (sterile and colonized): barrier properties, phagocytosis, healing, dryness, film forming, immunoresponse.
  • Gynaecology: sterile and colonized vaginal epithelium for formulation screening and efficacy testing of active molecules on tissue homeostasis.
  • Gastrointestinal tract: intestinal epithelium model, colonized models and immuno-competent gut to quantify the intestinal passage and inflammation and to develop risk factor based assays, gastric models.
  • Metabolism and ADME: liver metabolism using the scaffold free 3D micro-liver for  epatotoxicity screening. Percutaneous and transepithelial adsorption and penetration, drug delivery studies, side effects on body barriers and mucosae after topical and systemic like exposures.

VitroScreen is pioneer in applying in vitro 3D human tissue models in the field of MEDICAL DEVICES in order to correctly classify the devices, acquire information on the mode of action of the device, support innovation and technology in this field, respond to regulatory requests and correctly plan clinical research studies.