1. Cell and Biomolecular Engineering: modeling relevant and predictive biological systems

  • Air lift technology for tissue reconstruction and human tissue engineering
  • Customized 3D models: co-culture 3D models-monolayers
  • Scaffold free micro-tissues development and production
  • Human cells isolation and culturing
  • Colonized human 3D tissues production (class II strains)

2. Cell and tissues imaging

  • Histo-morphology
  • Single/Multiplex Immuno Histo Chemistry and Immunofluorescence
  • Confocal microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

3. Cell cytometer

  • Tali™ Image Cytometer platform with multiple applications: suspension cell-based assays, including GFP/RFP vector transfection efficacy, Annexin V apoptosis, cell viability analysis, bacteria counting…

4. Biochemistry assay

  • Spectro-photometry based biochemical and immuno assays
  • Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence applications

5. Transcriptomics

  • Real Time quantitative PCR (Taqman assays)
  • Targeted gene expression profiling, allelic discrimination
  • Toxicogenomics: application to research and pre-clinical studies

6. Proteomics

  • Protein expression and profiling by Quantitative Western data analysis (Chemidoc XRS + Image System): flexibility to image chemiluminescent, fluorescent and colorimetric samples.

7. Bioanalytical analysis and metabolomics

  • HPLC-UV/DAD/MS Triple quadrupole, GC-MS, UPLC-M Triple quadrupole Analytical method validation and quantitative bioanalysis in GLP ( partnered)

8. Expertise in in vitro science

VitroScreen offers scientific and regulatory advisory services to identify the best in vitro testing approach to address specific costumers needs within the proper legislative framework.

Standard and customized models are developed for compounds selection, formulation screening and for ‘proof of concept’.

The scientific approach adopted by VitroScreen allows to identify mechanism of action, pathways of toxicity and biomarkers useful to further develop efficient testing strategies, predict effect levels and perform risk assessment evaluations.

VitroScreen contributes to promote the diffusion of the 3Rs principle through publications and lectures.

Our expertise assures in vitro excellence in research and testing services, patent applications, scientific publications and marketing needs in all the industry sectors.