The book is the result of a collaborative project which aims to provide state of the art knowledge on skin microbiome research, tools and scientific approaches, in health and disease. In particular, it includes scientific insights on oral-skin interaction, skin’s innate immunity and microbiological experimental study designs, as well as technical information on regulatory and legal aspects for skin microbiome related products and claims.

VitroScreen, a leader laboratory in developing pre-clinical in vitro experimental models, has contributed to this book  with the Chapter 14 sharing its proficient and long-date expertise on 3D reconstructed human skin colonized models. Its scientific expertise counts on more than 10 years of dedicated work in setting relevant biological models based on 3D skin colonized with a large panel of selected bacterial strains.

In vitro colonized models, when handled in expert laboratory, can provide useful and robust pre-clinical tools allowing the investigation of both host innate and immune-mediated responses as well as host-microbiota interactions.

Nevertheless, the scientific community has just started scratching the surface of such powerful predictive approach. More has to be done towards the development of clinical relevant models to explore and predict the biological impact of microbiome on body barrier and organs.