February 2022, IPAM event: 3 days for 3Rs

«A replacement challenge: our experience on Thyroid Endocrine Disruptors»

— Member of the EU-NETVAL, VitroScreen laboratory is involved in promotion and validation of alternative methods: since 2019 it partecipates in a project coordinated by EURL-ECVAM on NAM for thyroid disruptors.

The 2 years’ experience gained by VitroScreen on the evaluation of the robustness, reliability and performance of the Human TRa and TRb Reporter gene assay has been presented by Marisa Meloni, Founder and CEO.

The assay has been developed by Indigo Biosciences (USA) and it is proposed to assess the agonist functional activity that a chemical may exert against the human thyroid hormone receptors.

We are  honoured and proud to contribute, in the contest of MoAs based-testing strategies, to the identification of those sneaky substances which we may unwittingly come into contact with and which thus may potentially interfere with our endocryne system causing adverse health effects.