VitroScreen has partecipated to IFSCC 2022 in London

A research study entitled Vascularized Dermopapilla 3D scaffold free Spheroids: an advanced micro-physiological system for hair growth research has been presented as podium lecture on September 21th by Elisa Caviola, PhD.

A novel model of Vascularized Dermopapilla (VASC-DP) spheroid has been developed by co-culturing primary human hair DermoPapilla cells (HHDPC) and microvascular endothelial primary cells (HMVEC) in a scaffold  free environment. The model represents a biomimetic  Micro Physiological System precisely designed in its natural microscale 3D architecture.

The model has been characterized by an omic approach based on Nanostring nCounter® technology coupled with an advanced biostatistic analysis: Omics Precision Signature.