FOCUS 05.20 – Restyling VitroScreen’s Website

A new approach to share our engagement to innovation in pre-clinical testing

In the midst of a social, economic and humanitarian crisis, VitroScreen is looking ahead, preparing for different scenarios and actively shaping a new way to communicate with our partners: a comprehensive picture of our portfolio of services with the opportunity for visitors to easily dig further in depth as they might need.

In particular, VitroScreen’s new website aims to build a truly new narrative highlighting our life-long commitment to provide pre-clinical 3D in vitro approaches with a stronger and stronger scientific dignity. Along this line, we wish to feature how our consistent focus to continuously develop new, robust, predictive models coupled with the widest applications in the fields of personal care and personalized medicine has eventually brought us to open our new flagship: VitroScreen’s Innovation Center. Leveraging on the experience accumulated in almost twenty years of research on 3D human tissues and microtissues, the Innovation Center’s team is driven by the strongest commitment to innovate and by the aspirational effort to outstanding and acknowledged results in pre-clinical models. It operates as an outsourcing unit for R&D projects in areas as diversified as body barriers and body organs for the pharma, cosmetic, nutritional and chemical industries.

Furthermore and consistently with the new safety requirements introduced in many Regulations, VitroScreen is proud to announce the launch of the In Vitro Consultancy Unit with the mission of providing its Customers with high level in vitro Testing Strategies for Hazard and Risk Assessment, capitalizing on an independent pharmaco-toxicological expertise judgment.