Virtual Conference, 3-5th November 2020

VitroScreen will contribute to the virtual event with a lecture given by Marisa Meloni, CEO, entitled:

Targeting inflammasome mechanisms as a possible role of the microbiota in skin ageing

Ageing is characterized by a low-grade systemic inflammation determined by proteins and proinflammatory cytokines release. Age-associated low grade inflammation, also called inflamm-aging, is now recognized to be the driving force of many age-associated diseases, including photo-ageing, and responsible for delayed and not reversible damages. Inflammasome is a complex cascade of events including very early biological mechanisms that can be better explored and reproduced  in a pre-clinical model rather that on human volunteers.

Inflammasome has been induced using UVA+B (2MED) on reconstructed 3D Human Skin colonized with skin microbiome relevant bacteria and in presence of sebum like lipids. Keratinocytes response has been monitored in order to compare the epidermal response in presence/absence of associated microbiome.