2021 ARTICLE “Immunocompetent DED model”

A new advanced in vitro model of Dry Eye Disease, that takes into account the immunocompetent cells and therefore is called Ic-DED model, has been published.

The model is based on Human Corneal Epithelium – Cell Migration Model (HCE-CMM) in co-culture with THP-1 cells in dryness conditions (RH < 40%, T= 40°C for 48h).

The corneal epithelium response in term of transcriptional activity of genes and immunocomptent cells infiltration allows to define a severe dryness condition based on immunomediated-inflammatory pathways.

The immunomodulatory and moisturizing (as an adaptive mechanism) properties of the new ocular surface modulator T-Lysial® have been demostrated.

Here the link to the publication: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34379560/