FOCUS 02.22 – VitroScreen Advanced Wound Healing model

In April 2022 the project EUROSTARS E! 113238 – LYSE-EFEKT ended: it has been an enriching, multidisciplinary three-years long experience.

The project aimed at developing and validating a new therapeutic approach based on the unique properties of endolysine (XZ.700) for the treatment of S. aureus infected diabetic wounds.

VitroScreen has contributed to the preclinical testing phase by further developing and specialising its  existing Wound Healing (WH) model on Phenion® FT-Skin (Henkel AG&CO. KGaA).

The WH-advanced model is based on the presence of S. aureus light biofilm formed directly on the wound bed during eight-days experimental window: this condition significantly modifies the physiological re-epithelization and wound healing mechanisms.

We would like to thank our partners, Micreos Human Health BV (NL) and ATLANGRAM (F), for the scientific collaboration and Catalyze (NL) for the project management.