2021 ARTICLE “Extra Cellular Matrix Deposition and Assembly in Dermis Spheroids”

The article describes the development and characterization of ORA®-DERMIS spheroids and, in particular, it shows  the different features of spheroids derived from fibroblasts from donors of different ages (40 and 50 year-old donors).

The results suggest that ORA®-DERMIS spheroids are able to:

  • preserve and maintain the phenotypic features of the original tissue
  • recapitulate the main steps of tissue differentiation thanks to a more physiological 3D microenvironment which supports the physiological tissue evolution
  • provide insights on the ability of primary fibroblasts to secrete and organize the dermal ECM with a continuous enrichment process

ORA®-Dermis model is a Microphysiological System (MPS) with an interesting potential use in personalized care and dermatological research on ageing processes and disease pathogenesis.

Link to the publication: www.dovepress.com/getfile.php?fileID=71905